4 Subgenus Crinum, Ex. Subgenus Platyaster, pedicellated

IV: Subgenus Platyaster, pedicellated. (Australian). As one travels from the northern tropics into the interior deserts, there is a marked evolutionary transition from small plants with thin lorate tepals in an actinomorphic pattern to a more robust form with broad elliptical petals, suggesting a semi-Codonocrinum condition. Practically all Platyaster are confined to the Asian-Australian area.

Figure 31 Fig. 31: Crinum flaccidum Herbert, a variant form from Mannum, South Australia. This inland desert form has evolved broad tepals (but no curved tube) due to the intense sunlight. Note the sequential flowering typical of pedicellated umbels. Past botanists list the species as in subgenus Codonocrinum. A number of geographical variants can be noted ranging over a 2500 mile area from Queensland and New South Wales into South and Western Australia.
Figure 32 Fig. 32: Crinum flaccidum var. leutoleum. A rare yellow form native to Flinders Range, South Australia.

Attempts to cross this variant with white-flowered broad-petaled African forms has given an occasional light amber-yellow hybrid.