Plate 54: C. nubicum

Figure 54 Fig. 54: Recently identified as a 4-flowered Congo Crinum species allied to Crinum nubicum (Chev.) L. S. Hannibal (ex C. humilis Chev. non Herb.), native to Zaire (Congo). Others are found throughout the tropics from Chad and down into south central Africa. These small two-flowered Crinum are related to C. distichum Herb., or A. ornatum Aiton (Syn. C. brousonetii sensu Herb.) and represented by Kew specimens. This is a a unique genetic race. Several forms have their umbels subsurface like C. acule Baker. Recently F. N. Hepper decided that C. scabrum and all allied tropical forms were a single common species: namely C. ornatum (Aiton) Bury, with the original A. ornata Aiton specimen as the holotype. For plant breeders this lumping rather confuses the issue since their various crossings indicate specific types which best be identified by their classical names.