Figure 3: Amaryllis ornata

Figure 3 Fig. 3: The original long overlooked Wm. Aiton 1785 type specimen of Amaryllis ornata L. f. in Aiton's Hort. Kew II: 226, 1811. Also Syn. Crinum broussonetii (Redout‚) Herbert in Bot. Mag. t.2121, 1820. And finally syn. Crinum ornatum (Aiton) Bury sensu F. N. Hepper. (Note. There is obviously a major genetic distinction between Aiton's above two-flowered specimen and Mrs. Bury's multiflowered specimen). Linnaeus often broad interpretation of a species commonly resulted in lumping remotely related or distinct plants. Banch, Aiton, and many others in the 1785-1820 period were strict Linnaean followers, thus the A. ornata confusion.